Síobhra Quinlan

"Taking music to another dream-like world, soprano Siobhra Quinlan’s work transcends the imagination and expectations of the listener. Haunting atmospheres alongside soaring vocals in a wash of reverb-heavy textures are a staple of Quinlan’s beautiful compositional style." – Headstuff.com

"Naturally, Quinlan’s own writing takes in her broad influences, but also explores her own view of the world around her. As the first single reveals, she’s not afraid to make a statement." – Dublin Gazette

"I think creativity, collaboration and both the making and sharing of music is integral to the way in which we all connect with each other, and it's extremely important to keep that in sight when you're in practice-mode so that the motivation and the intention is an authentic thing. Because if that's not there then what's the point?" – GoldenPlec

" I think it’s a pretty exiting time, as the scene is being driven by exceptional young musicians that are bringing classical music into a new realm so that it’s not just relevant, but essential. And then it’s also being fueled by the creativity and innovation of the contemporary classical scene." – Berlin Loves You

"Auf internationalem Niveau, führte sie ihr Stück “MySpam” in dem ACUD Theatre Berlin auf, dass für Stimme und elektronics geschrieben wurde. Ihr collaboratives Stuck “Ostinato Effect” mit Kunstlerin Elva Mulchrone war auch Teil der USB Shuffle Show amInstitut für alles Mögliche. Siobhra erhielt ein Stipendium für das Bassi Brugnatelli International Singing & Conducting Symposium in Robbiate, Italien." – Hunnewapp

"Women have composed throughout the entire history of Western art music, albeit under a cloak of invisibility, and their exclusion from standard music history textbooks has fuelled the myth of woman’s innate creative inferiority in music. It was the discovery of the existence of these women, coupled with the encouragement of my compostion lecturers to begin performing my own compositions that spurred me to become involved with the ICC." – Nitelife Magazine

"Liz describes her fashion shoot, done in Dalkey, Co Dublin, as "a joyful collaboration with other creative women. Siobhra Quinlan, my model, is a very talented soprano and composer." – Independent, Weekend Magazine

"Siobhra Quinlan’s The Shaman for full ensemble sans piano conjured up an atmosphere of ritual, juxtaposing string harmonics and song-like woodwinds alongside recordings of drums and bells underneath a monologue of an interview explaining the nature of shamanism and describing the invisible protagonist. In addition to this, Siobhra herself was singing with the ensemble adding an extra dimension and authenticity to the pleading, longing nature of the music, before the contrapuntal and granular textures subside into more sustained textures." – New Music Journal

"Young Irish composer/vocalist Siobhra Quinlan will also perform the world premiere of a new work for voice and electronics based on W.B.Yeats’ poem ‘That Crazy Girl’ during the New Music Marathon at the Burren College of Art on 28th August." – The Journal of Music